Last Updated: 24th Sep 2023

Beginner - Intermediate

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Belmont Regional Park - Oakleigh to Hill

Lower Hutt, Wellington

Submitted by Conon Ford

Last Updated: 24th Sep 2023

Beginner - Intermediate

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Grunt Factor: 31 ?

Gnarl Factor: 26 ?








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Trail Map

Type of Run

Front country - easily accessible

Point to Point (one way)

Undulating, some big hills

Native bush

Open farmlands

Open tussock/grasslands

Open ridges/tops

Run Makeup


Sealed Road

Gravel Road

Farm Road / 4WD Track

Easy Single Track

Moderate Single Track

Average Uphill Gradient: +9.1%

Average Downhill Gradient: -8.8%


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Estimated Times to Run







This is an established trail within the Belmont Regional Park. It is fully detailed on easily available maps and is well signposted at most of the main points and intersections. This trail does intersect with other trails within the park and it would be fairly easy to find yourself heading towards another destination if you're not careful. Once you hit the turn off down to Hill Road, you will need to keep an eye out for the track markers. These are the white poles about a metre high with a bright orange disc or triangle on the top. Some of these get knocked over or lose their discs, so try and scan ahead for these to save you time and energy. This trail does take you all the way to Boulder hill and then down to the Dry Creek Quarry entrance, but I chose to head down to the Hill Road entrance. In hindsight, I should've carried on up to Boulder Hill. I've done this trail in reverse as well so starting at the dry Creek entrance is an option too. It's a mean climb up to the top of Boulder Hill but it's worth it. Check out the maps of this area first, as well as the weather conditions. It can get cold and windy very quickly up here so be prepared.
The 'downhill' to the Hill road entrance is pretty rough and takes you through farmland that at the time of writing is being developed and fenced. It is still open to the public though, as long as you stick to the actual tracks. Once you get close to Hill Road, you will pass a small equestrian area which is part of the Belmont Pony Club. So don't be surprised to see a horse or two. Once on to Hill Road, it's a relaxing but fairly steep downhill along the paths to bring you level with the Hutt motorway. Follow the walking path south until you get to the Normandale overbridge. There is a small track about 100 metres before this on the right of the path which takes you to a parking area beside the overbridge. From here, you can either return to your vehicle up the hill in Maungaraki, or cross the bridge over to Lower Hutt. Of course, this last part of the trail can be modified to take you over onto the Hutt River trail, where you can go north or south and extend you run further.

This trail includes the peak Belmont.

The first part of the trail, once you enter the bush at the Oakleigh Street entrance, is a nice downhill then uphill through native bush that mostly follows a stream and is frequented by Tuis and other birds. You will more than likely encounter other walkers and runners on this part of the trail as it is very popular.
The Belmont Trig is the destination for most walking groups and a great photo opportunity. After this, you will probably be on your own as you follow the ridge north. This takes you through historic World War 2 ammunition bunkers that are placed all over a section of farmland. Lots of sheep around here too, as well as noisy pairs of ducks that like to remind you very loudly that you are not welcome. I encounted a few small hawks or kestrels flying around too. You may see a cow or two, but the sheep will move out of your way.

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If you are arriving at the start by car, just park in the parking area outside the Maungaraki shops. Plenty of spaces there during the day. Otherwise, you can get the number 150 bus from Petone railway station to here. This trip only takes about 5 minutes and will cost you $2. Where I finished this trail..that is, when I stopped my Garmin, I was down by the Normandale overbridge so you can either walk back up the hill to your car which will take 10 - 15 minutes (or just keep running) or cross the overbridge and walk to Lower Hutt about 10 minutes away or either Melling or Petone railway stations. Ensure you check the correct timetable for both of these.

5 km

8 minutes




Keep an eye on those track markers after you leave the Belmont Trig. I started down a 4WD track and almost got to a pylon before I realised it was a dead end. So I had to turn and run back uphill to the correct turn off. Most intersections or track deviations are marked or signposted. If you come to a fence and there is no gate or steps to get you over, you are probably at the wrong place. I think I crossed over about 8 or 9 fences.

Generally good.

Lightweight fleece top, Long-sleeved thermal top, Windproof jacket, Beanie/thermal headwear, Whistle, First aid kit, Extra food for emergencies, Cellphone, Map

Take your own water. There are streams down below but after running around farmland that is home to cattle and sheep, you can safely assume that the water is not safe for drinking. It can also get very hot and dry up there, depending on the season.

It can get windy...very windy... up on the ridgeline and on top of the Trig and Boulder Hill if you go that way. Parts of the trail to the Hill Road entrance are crossed by streams which vary from a little jump, to hopping over a couple of rocks, to maybe just getting your feet wet. And it can get a bit muddy here too.

Most of this trail is made for easy to moderate walkers so it's good to run on. The sheep will move and won't be a danger to you, but they may be a danger to themselves if you startle them so give them a bit of room and clap your hands if you need to hurry them along.
The last quarter over the farmland is full of lumpy grass downhills so watch where your feet are going. it would be easy to roll an ankle here. Once you get out onto the path beside the roads, common sense kicks in so be aware of cars and other people. We may be superhuman...just not immortal.

Benedicts Cafe
If you return to this spot, make sure you grab a coffee from here. Depending on the day of the week and the time you are there, they have all you can eat pancakes and a big selection of other sweet treats, as well as normal cafe food.

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Aimee Francois

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Trail Reviews

The road at the finish and the fact you kind of loop but not quite made this less enjoyable for me. The last 1km of motorway is really dodgy- there's not really a footpath and there's no barrier between you and traffic. I started down there then felt it was too dangerous and cut right onto the jubilee park track which runs above the motorway.
By the time I returned to my car parked on Rowan street it added another 2km.
And be prepared for a lot of cows!

Aimee Francois

April 1

Great run, best if you use the underpass beneath the highway to run on the Hutt river trail to minimise the road sections. Monday to Saturday there is a good cafe and bakery at the Maungaraki shops.
The farmed areas of the park are closed for lambing and calving from the 1 August – end October every year, so don't attempt to run this route in spring. As well as causing stress and potential injury to the stock, an angry cow can be dangerously protective!

Andy Crosland

September 12, 2021

Loved the first bit through the bush up to the trig, then got repeatedly lost in the fog, then got very muddy sliding down the hills, then cleaned up in the streams. And gotta say the last 8k running on tarmac in trail shoes into a southerly was not pleasant, especially finishing randomly on the side of a very busy SH2! Pleased to have ticked this off but unfortunately wasn't my cup of tea.

Joe Benbow

November 8, 2020

Absolutely stunning morning out in the Belmont Regional Park. Loved the majority of this trail, except for the last bit along the motorway. I cut into Jubilee Park for part of it then ended up across the motorway and ran along Hutt Road. I would suggest allowing extra time and running up the hill and along to Maungaraki instead. Also allow extra time if you're a bit slow around stock. I've never run amongst such a big mob of sheep! They decided to all run ahead of me instead of going to the sides so I had to slow down a bit to stop them all freaking out. Came across three different groups of cattle. I've run into trouble with cattle up here before so skirted around the older group. The last group were hilarious but once again decided they were all going to run with me rather than getting out of the way...Was surprised to find toilets about halfway along the trail, just before the Farm Hub. Couldn't see them on the Regional Park map.Would definitely recommend running the direction as it's described. I've done the Puke Ariki track before and it's much nicer running downhill along the roads past the farm hub etc.Came out at close to 32k by the time I closed the gap and got back to my car.

Richele McKenzie

May 29, 2019

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