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About Us

Mal and Sally Law

Wild Things is a nationwide trail running club founded by us, Mal and Sally Law. It is run on a commercial basis as a part of Running Wild Ltd, the business we have operated since 2011, which offers its clients group tours to trail running events around New Zealand.

Wild Things operates online and seeks to provide trail runners with an innovative and exciting set of resources that will fuel their passion for trail running in this beautiful country of ours.

Club Ownership & Operation

Most clubs in New Zealand operate as Incorporated Societies and are run by an elected committee of people, abiding by an agreed Constitution and set Rules.  In most cases members pay a fixed annual subscription, which provides the funding to operate the club and gives members access to the club's resources - if you don't pay you don't get!

Wild Things is different, not only because it is privately owned and operated, but because the vast majority of our online resources are, and always will be, accessible to all trail runners, regardless of whether or not they pay an annual subscription fee.


The cost of establishing Wild Things, and building a world-class suite of web-based resources such as our world-class Trail Directory, is huge. The initial funding for this has all been met out of our own pockets and we bear all the financial risk going forward.

In order to offset some of these costs we seek revenue from:

We don't have bottomless pockets and so the income derived from these sources is critical to the ongoing development of all Club resources. Meantime we work for the love of what we're creating, drawing no salary and asking for no charity.

Our Pledge

If at some point in the future Club earnings exceed costs - i.e. we are operating at a profit - then we will be completely open about it. We are not legally obliged to do this, but want to work in an environment of trust and transparency. Hey, we may even start paying ourselves something approaching minimum wage!

Decision Making

As a privately run commercial entity we don't have an elected committee, or any rules or constitution. This means that we are entitled to make our own decisions about how the Club is operated, and we will always reserve the right to do so (after all, it's our investment that is at risk!) HOWEVER, we prefer to take a more inclusive approach and so will frequently canvas opinion via social media, polls and on-the-trail chats. We are also open to your suggestions - please don't by shy about telling us what else you'd like to see us do.

Our Clubhouse

We're a club right. So we have a clubhouse? Well, actually, no we don't! As we cover the whole country and operate online we do not have a bricks-and-mortar meeting place. However we have the next best thing - a thriving Facebook community, the Wild Things NZ Trail Running Group. Please treat this as your lounge - the place to go to hang out after you've showered and changed from your latest mission (oh heck we'll even take you dirty) or, if you have the misfortune to be injured (boo), it's a place to chill out until the other lucky buggers get back.

The Bottom Line

We pour our heart and soul into the Club because we are passionate about trail running and the great NZ outdoors. We want to be the hub that brings trail runners closer together, fostering a positive and supportive community while giving you the Ideas, Information & Inspiration you crave. Enjoy and thanks for being a Wild Thing!

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