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As in rock climbing, if you are first to submit it then you get to name it! Please feel free to be a bit creative if you like - catchy names are good!

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We need clean GPX routes, so if you know yours includes some detours from where you got lost en route please email us separately to alert us to this. If your GPX file is too messy or too convoluted we may not be able to use it and your submission will be rejected.

How to export from Strava

How to export from Garmin Connect

Describe the run in 300-400 words max if possible - give practical guidance for someone to navigate their way around the route without getting lost.

Please write your guides in the third person, not the first or second person. Guides should not read as a 'personal review' but as a set of instructions for others following in your footsteps. For example, avoid phrases such as "when we did it..." Or "I usually find..." etc.

Details that will help people find the start.

Please add notes re. the availability (and safety) of parking at the trail start & info. on availability of public transport (if any).

If you know of any public toilets near the trail start or on the route, please detail here.