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Pureora, Manawatu - Wanganui

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-38.55121, 175.62867

BG35 2907 2975


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Tom Mccormack, 12th September 2021

Hiked/jogged up from the link rd track. To get there I came from whakamaru direction on SH30, turn left at signpost for pureora forest park onto gravel rd. Turn left just after campsite is well signposted here for mt pureora tracks and link rd. Just keep going about 14km on ok-ish forestry rds, a few intersections with iffy signage, basically keep left you'll be fine. After what seems like a long time as you won't be driving very fast, there is an obvious and reasonably sized layby on the left, there is a track to the left for titiraupenga and across the road on the right for pureora. Is about 2.7km track, first km is good walking trail and not tooo steep, runnable for a mediocre runner like myself, last kilometer and a half or so is steeper and has a lot of stairs, still runnable for better runners than myself I'd say. Was there after a fair amount of rain and track was in good condition, decent amount of boardwalk towards the top. Sheltered in native bush until right at the top. Run back down is nice and cruisy. Only just over 5km round trip, doable in about an hour or just under for moderate fitness.


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