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Rob Hammington

Rob Hammington


Where are your favourite runs?

Rotorua trails associated with the Tarawera Ultra or Marathon/50km events.

What types of trail do you most like to run?

Forest running, near lakes.

Do you prefer solo or group runs?

Group runs are by far my favourite. Being inherently lazy, solo running is not my strong point.

How important is competing to you?

As a slow but determined plodder, I don't see myself as 'competing' with anybody except myself.

What do you consider to be your biggest trail running achievement?

Running across the finish line of the TUM 63km event in February 2017.

What's your most memorable run ever?

TUM 63km was particularly memorable as I was able to run the last 25km with my daughter Lisa who happened to be starting lap 4 of the relay just as I reached Tarawera Falls.

What's your next big goal?

Tarawera Trail 50km in November 2017.

What's your favourite run food?

Tailwind meets all my nutritional needs, other than that I eat very little on trail runs.

What gets you out of bed to hit the trails on a morning when all you want to do is have a lie in?

I struggle with personal motivation, but love heading out to do informal group training runs with lots of mates. That gets me out of bed every time, early!

What's your favourite time of day to run?


Who do you look up to in the world of trail running? Your heroes or mentors?

Kerry Suter and Ali Pottinger area my mentors, they supported me hugely during the Squadrun training that got me across the line at TUM 2017. My ultimate heroine would be Mary Fisher, she completed over 60km of the 2017 Tarawera Ultra with no sight.

How much a part of your life is trail running?

Very important, it gives me a focus in life and keeps me breathing!

What are the biggest challenges you face regarding trail running?

Meeting cut-off points is always a challenge, but thus far I have met every one except TUM 2016, which caught out hundreds of others also.

Any remarkable or amusing stories you'd like to share about trail running?

At one of my first TUM events, I tumbled head over heels down a bank when traversing Tennents Track between Blue Lake and Okareka. A guy running behind me yelled out "Nine", (giving me a score out of ten!)

What other sports or pastimes do you enjoy?

Gardening is my only other interest.

What does your run year look like? Do you ramp up for events or simply turn up?

I have a few significant events lined up for each year. I will train a little, and then just turn up and go plod plod plod until somebody puts a medal around my neck.

How much and how often is 'formal' training included in your routine?

Very little, I am totally undisciplined when it comes to training.

Tell us something about yourself that has nothing to do with trail running.

I enjoy waking up every day, finding that I'm not dead yet!

Rob's closing thoughts...

I get more joy from persuading and motivating others to enter and succeed in events such as the Kirikiriroa Marathon than I do from my own achievements.  My personal motto is 'Only those who will risk going too far will ever know how far they can go'.

Rob Hammington
Rob Hammington
Rob Hammington
Rob Hammington


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