Newsletter: 28th May 2024

Newsletter: 28th May 2024

Rob Bathgate

Rob Bathgate

May 28 3 min read

Hey everyone,

I'm trying to up my recovery game as I ramp up my training, so recovery drinks and protein in my smoothies are now a regular go-to. Having added the Radix Recovery Smoothies and Proteins, along with the new PURE Recovery Shake to the shop, I'm spoilt for choice - and it's dangerously good 🤣 Check out our recovery options here.

I've had a good few long runs in my Merrell Skyfire 2 shoes now - granted, they are definitely no longer white, but thanks to the solid Kevlar-infused upper, they are holding strong even when I take them off track and into the dense Kaimai bush.

Enough about me. We've got a new challenge, new discounts, and new features to tell you about 👇

New Challenge: The Hundy Climb 2024 (and free Hundy!)

We've teamed up with Hundy to bring back the Hundy Climb!

Hundy Climb

During June, every run or walk with over 100m of elevation gain will earn you points on the leaderboard for our latest challenge. At the end, we'll set someone up with a year's supply of Hundy👌

👉 Join the challenge

Bonus: to help you recover from the big adventures, and the rest days, every shop order between now and the end of June will receive a free sachet of Hundy 🤸‍♂️

👉 Shop Now

Remember, all of our VIP Members save 20% off all orders on

New VIP Discount: Lily Trotters 🧦

We've stocked Lily Trotters compression socks in our shop for ages now but figured to get you a better range we've hooked you up directly with Lily Trotters.

So VIPs you can now get all of their new styles and colours, including their colourful calf sleeves (great for recovery, yoga, air travel...) - all with an epic 15% off!

Lily Trotters discount

Oh, and we have a few pairs left in our stock which we have put on a super duper sale 😎

👉 See the latest VIP Discounts

New VIP Event Discount: Lake Dunstan Trail - Marathon

Earlier this year I ran a section of the Lake Dunstan Trail after seeing some of the promo photos. It's absolutely stunning (take a look at this video to see for yourself). And now, there's a new marathon along it, from Historic Clyde to the Cromwell Heritage Precinct!

The best part... VIPs get 15% off entry 🥳

Check out the event details here, and grab your 15% off here.

Lake Dunstan Trail - Marathon

📷 by Image Central

We also have two free entries to give away - keep an eye on our socials (Facebook and Instagram) in the next few week for that.

New Feature: Caught short? 🚽

New trail submissions will now ask if you know of any public toilets near the trail start or along the route.

This info will be displayed on the trail page - look for the Public Toilets section below the main trail description 🚽

We do have limited information for this on previously added trails, so let us know if you know!

Remember, you earn $10 credit for every published trail you submit 😎

👉 Submit a new trail now

👀 Behind the scenes

You may know Bri, who lovingly packs your shop orders and is on the end of our support email. In a few months, Bri is off on a new epic adventure as she starts a family. So super exciting! It does also mean I'm on the hunt for an equally epic replacement to help pack orders and be an all-round support ninja.

Oh, and whilst I'm on the topic of packing shop orders - we've got our last few UltrAspire Zygos packs on sale.

😟 Rising shipping costs

It's the usual story of rising costs - starting 1st July the free shipping threshold for VIP members will go up from $125 to $150. I ummed and ahhed over this and figured that by increasing the free shipping threshold, we can still keep normal shipping costs unchanged

🔥 Tip

Have you tried to right-click to open a trail link on our map in a new window? Because of the many layers on our trail maps, right-clickability can be limited 😖

But, did you know, you can use the middle button on your mouse!

Also, depending on your computer, you can also hold the CTRL/Command button while normal (left) clicking the trail name on the map and it'll open in a new window.

If you have any questions, simply get in touch. We got you.

Happy trails,