We look massively different and it's epic.

We look massively different and it's epic.



September 21, 2023 1 min read

Yup, we look a bit different, but we're the same trail running community, a whole lot easier to use, with exciting new features.

Our new look

The new Wild Things logo is a collision of wild and tidy. The splatter doesn't stick to the border and that's how we like it.

It's many things all at once—just like a trail adventure.

It's a trail map.

It's a directional sign.

It's a group run through the bush.

It's a mountain ascent.

It's footprints in the mud.

It's the crumbs from your mid-race sandwich.

The combined experience of the trail community is gathered at the base. A single adventurer is venturing out, empowered by the collective to push the boundaries.
Because that's how we do trails: even on your own, we're here for each other.

It's a community sport and Wild Things is our community.

What else has changed?

The best way to answer this is to say "explore". Browse through the site, and as you go you'll bump into new or improved features all along the way. But to highlight a few key aspects:

  • It's intuitive, functional, and beautiful (even on mobile!)
  • The Trail and Peak directories are now merged into one, making it much easier to plan your adventures. You'll find your wishlists are also now merged.
  • Improved and more in-depth search filters, including neighbouring regions (no more missing a trail because it's just over the border!)
  • Significant improvements to the maps for trails and peaks, including 3D view (seriously epic), flyovers, nearby trails and peaks, your own location, dynamic elevation plots, and more.
  • Grab driving distance and directions to the trailhead from your current location.
  • Legends, My Times, and Personal Notes for trails and peaks
  • You can now shop as a guest, and pick up your order if you're close to our Tauranga location.
  • and heaps more...

Check out all of the features

Try VIP for free!

You can now also give a VIP Membership a go, with a two-week free trial. We're pretty confident you'll love it. If you don't, let us know.