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Liz Palmer

Liz Palmer


How did you first get into trail running?

A friend was doing Total Sport Xterra Challenge Waihi event. I was just run walking 9km at the time and loved the K Gorge so thought I would I've it a go with her.

Where are your favourite runs?

We are so spoilt for choice in NZ for trails. I guess my favourites are K Gorge, the Kauri Run on the Coromandel, Waharau and the Hunuas. Also love Tarawera 50. Mmmm, so hard to choose.

How important is competing to you?

I am definitely a complete not a compete type of person. Would rather be at the tail end having a laugh and meeting people. Value for money and smiles per km. :)

What do you consider to be your biggest trail running achievement?

At the moment Tarawera 63km in Feb this year with a torn hamstring.

What's your most memorable run ever?

The Kauri Run this year. There was just something about running from the east coast to the west coast of the Coromandel straight over the top. The scenery was just stunning and Bryony, Kelley, Julz and I decided to do it together so it was a lot of fun

What's your next big goal?

Up until a few weeks ago it would have definitely have been Tarawera 102km in 2019, now it is to get back to running. I have a stress fracture in my right foot at the moment so am 2 weeks into a 6 week no weight bearing regime on a knee crutch. Mentally very challenging when your specialist tells you no exercise for 3 weeks including swimming. Delivered with a smile. :( Wasn't sure whether to stab him first or myself! :) While I am being very sensible, I am continuing with deep water running classes in my moon boot and swimming with a pull buoy so I don't use my feet to kick. I'm not sure if people look at me with pity at the moment or just think I am crazy. You just can't tell somebody who runs 50+ kms a week and swims nearly 10 to do nothing. Maybe if I can keep some semblance of sanity (stop laughing those who know me!) then my physical recovery may be faster.

How much a part of your life is trail running?

It was 90% outside of my working life so it has been a massive void to fill

What other sports or pastimes do you enjoy?

I love my swimming, winter is the worst as we hit the pool once a week but this year 3 of us have kept swimming in the ocean all winter. Bit on the chilly side but has been awesome. I love adventure racing and Hayley and I have entered Breca Bay of Islands in April next year - am totally excited about that one! :)

What does your run year look like? Do you ramp up for events or simply turn up?

My run year looks full of events, one is always a training run for the next event. Costs a fortune but it is so worth it.

Liz's closing thoughts:

"I love the people I meet out on the trails and admire anybody who is out there doing it. We are all out there on our own journeys and it's brilliant finding out the reason for other people being out. I guess people just start talking to me because of my hair, I guess it is pretty distinctive and a conversation opener. Anybody with black and purple hair has to be approachable right!?"

Liz Palmer
Liz Palmer
Liz Palmer
Liz Palmer
Liz Palmer
Liz Palmer


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