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Kunal Kumar

Kunal Kumar


Where's  your favourite place to run?

Okura at sunrise.

Do you prefer solo or group runs?

Depends how you I'm feeling - a good mix - mainly group these days (pub runs!)

How important is competing to you?

For me - enjoyment is more important than competing, chances are if you enjoy it more - you will naturally do better.

What's your most memorable run ever?  

The Dual Marathon 2017. Smashed my goals without realising it - I really enjoyed it, and hence everything else just came together on the day.

What's your favourite run food?


What gets you out of bed to hit the trails on a morning when all you want to do is have a lie in?

A good sunrise!

Who do you look up to in the world of trail running? Your heroes or mentors?

My mentor from day 1 and always: Jenny Hirst.  Naturally I also enjoy those who are capturing and telling the stories of the trail - local photographer / runner - Paul Petch is one and internationally Jamil Coury whose YouTube videos are inspiring.

How much a part of your life is trail running?

It's creeping in, but I don't mind too much.

What other sports or pastimes do you enjoy?

Photography! Check out my Instagram: @kunalk2

How much and how often is 'formal' training (such as hill reps, speed work and such like)  included in your routine?  

Training - what's that?! Hill reps = running to a cliff for a sunrise or sunset. Speed work = getting to that sunrise or sunset in time.

Anything else interesting?

Browns Bay Critical Mass and Trail Running Adventures based on the north shore of Auckland is my crew. I run a weekly group pub run on Wednesday nights around the trails in Albany.

Kunal Kumar
Kunal Kumar
Kunal Kumar


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