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The Further Faster Pipeline Challenge - Wild Challenges

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The Further Faster Pipeline Challenge

1st February 2022 to 31st March 2022
The Further Faster Pipeline Challenge

Challenge Type: Flash Challenge

Challenge Goal: Vertical Metres Climbed

About the Challenge:

Rocky at Further Faster is slightly masochistic, and that's a good thing. It was his idea to create a challenge for the Christchurch locals to see how much climbing they can do on the infamous Pipeline track.

The more vertical metres climbed during February and March on the Pipeline track, the higher up the leaderboard you'll get.

Any run (or walk or crawl) which involves part of the Pipeline track will count. You do not need to run it in full as described in the Trail Directory; if you just want to go up and down on one side over and over again, that's fine!

Any Wild Challenger can join this challenge, but being a Christchurch local will no doubt help!

Challenge Prizes:

We have a $250 Further Faster voucher to give away to the top male and female at the end of the challenge.

A third $250 Further Faster voucher will go to the person who clocks up the mount vertical metres on the Pipeline track in a single day! This will no doubt get interesting towards the end! Again, any run (or walk or crawl) which involves part of the Pipeline track will count here.

Challenge Leaderboard

Last updated 3 minutes ago.

Current Single Day Best: Emma Rogers - Saturday 12th March - 9,044m

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Wild Explorer Challenge Total
1 Emma Rogers 77,777m
2 Katie Ridley 60,000m
3 Koleighne Ford 50,756m
4 Jeremy Wheeler 33,167m
5 Callum Templeton 27,153m
6 Jeremy Edwards 18,107m
7 Darren de Groot 17,424m
8 Blue Tangiora 15,229m
9 Nick Tweed 12,434m
10 Richard Tumaliuan 8,877m
11 Donna Edwards 8,062m
12 Katie Oliver 5,975m
13 Matt Barton 3,586m
14 Ross Burborough 2,433m
15 Sam Mowat 2,302m
16 Matt Halverson 2,163m
17 James Stewart 1,823m
18 Isobel Platt 1,812m
19 Tony Sharpe 1,443m
20 Miriam Bartlett 1,203m
21 Sarah Coxon 1,149m
22 Kat Webber 1,000m
23 Solitaire Durante 801m
24 Bartosz Morawiec 633m
25 Corey Woodward 478m
26 Scott Ferguson 474m
27 Neil Trimboy 383m
28 Nadia Maclaren 186m
=29 Natalie Ball 0m
=29 Richard Jackson 0m
=29 Tj Smart 0m
=29 Maximilliano Molina 0m
=29 Jonathan Roughan 0m
=29 Melissa McArtney 0m
=29 Conor Keena 0m
=29 Amy Whitehead 0m
=29 Geoffrey Smith 0m
=29 Brad Spiers 0m
=29 Billy Powell 0m
=29 Isobel Stout 0m
=29 Ben Mcdrury 0m

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