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Why are the T8 Undies and Sherpa shorts so popular?

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Why are the T8 Undies and Sherpa shorts so popular?

By Rob Bathgate on 21st September 2021 Gear Reviews

Why are the T8 Undies and Sherpa shorts so popular?

My hairy leg.

I'm going to be honest here. Three weeks ago, I had never even heard of T8 Commandos Running Undies. Now, I have boxes full. So, I sent Mal an email and the conversation went like this:

Me: Man, people love those T8 undies!!! Why?

Mal: Cos they are a great product.

Ha, such a simple reason, but I had to go and find out for myself, so a few days later I got myself a pair of the running undies, and also the T8 Sherpa Shorts and headed for the hills with a mate.

Stood in the car park of Otawa Trig I shoved my drink bottle into the pack waist pocket of the Sherpa shorts and my phone in the front. As I debated with myself whether I felt confident stashing my car key in one of the open pockets as well, I found a wee clip tucked away inside of the smaller pockets. Turns out the T8 crew are a smart bunch and thought of everything.

I purposefully overloaded the waist pockets; way too much water and food I ended up carrying the whole way as I wanted to see how annoying it was bouncing around. Turns out, not annoying at all. The waist stash pockets did a sterling job; nothing was lost and nothing was wobbling around. The only thing lacking was my fitness.

Revelation number one: the T8 Sherpa shorts rock.

I was a little dubious about the next test, which meant not smothering my bits with lube (sorry, too much information?). The T8 Undies are guaranteed chafe-free so I had to give it a nudge. Revelation number two: these undies rock too.

I've since had another revelation... since the undies are separate from the shorts, it's ok to just wash the undies and the shorts are good for another run, right? 😁

If you've not tried them, I strongly suggest you give them a chance:

Four months later...

I've just discovered they have reversible drawstring holes so the dangly bits can go inside or outside! 

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