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Thanks for taking the time to add to our ever-growing Trail Directory. Your contributions will help inspire countless other people in their quest to explore the best Kiwi trails around.

Before starting please make sure that the route you are about to submit is not already listed in our Trail Directory. PLEASE NOTE: this is a trail running directory so the route you describe should have no more than 50% road (sealed and/or gravel). If there is more than 50% the route will not be published.

When ready, simply fill out the form below and hit 'Submit' when done.

Note: it can take a while for completed forms to upload so please wait for a confirmation message to appear before closing the window you are working in.

We will review your submission and prepare it for publication. Once it's up on the site you'll be notified by email so you can share your work with the world!

As a VIP member you would receive WT$10 (Wild Things Dollars) redeemable in the shop if your guide is published. Register Now.

As in rock climbing, if you are first to submit it then you get to name it! Please feel free to be a bit creative if you like - catchy names are good!

Device used to record activity:

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Run Location

Drag the map pin to the start location. This needs to be as accurate as possible please so make good use of the zoom function.


Details that will help people find the start.

Please add notes re. the availability (and safety) of parking at the trail start & info. on availability of public transport (if any).

Key Stats


Please enter the Length of Run.

Time to Run:

Your best estimates. Assume training, not race pace. NB Elite time would typically be about half that of a Novice, but use your judgement based on how technical the route is.



Run Description

Any additional information regarding the track status:

Please be conservative in your assessment.

Any geographical, ecological or historical features e.g. mine workings, waterfalls, tramways, dams, rare bird habitats etc.

Describe the run in 300-400 words max if possible - give practical guidance for someone to navigate their way around the route without getting lost.

Staying Safe

Please be conservative in grading as many people will have less navigation/route-finding skills than yourself.

Please describe any points on the route where it might be easy to take a wrong turn.

Select all items that you think would be prudent to carry if running this route in bad conditions. Please take a conservative approach - more is better than less!

Please give details on availability/scarcity of water & description of best points to get drinkable water (if any)

Please give any details of hazards that might be encountered at certain times of year or in certain weather conditions e.g. "very muddy after rain" or "exposed to cold winds on tops at any time of year" or "streams are usually bone dry in summer so take extra water".

Please make a note of any hazards that require runners to take extra care.

Post-Run Indulgence

Where to go afterwards for the BEST coffee / cake / breakfast / brunch / beer.

Recommendation 1

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Upload up to 6 good photos that show the true character or beauty of the route (optional).
Maximum file size: 10MB

Blog Posts & Useful Links

Know of any blogs that have covered this route? Or other sites (e.g. DoC) that have further useful information? If so, please give us the link:

Terms and Conditions

I understand and agree that by submitting this trail guide:

  1. It will become the property of Running Wild Ltd. for publication on the WILD THINGS NZ Trail Running Club website at their discretion; and as such it will become accessible to subscribed members of the Club or for other members of the public on payment of a reasonable fee.
  2. Receipt of this submission places no obligation on Running Wild Ltd. to use it.
  3. If I am a logged in VIP member of Wild Things, and if this guide is published by Running Wild Ltd. it will entitle me to NZ$10 worth of goods redeemable in the WILD THINGS NZ Trail Running Club shop or elsewhere as advised by Running Wild Ltd.
  4. I will be given due recognition as the author of the guide unless I choose to remain anonymous.
  5. If necessary I will agree to provide further clarification and/or detail prior to the guide being published.

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