Tailwind Endurance Fuel

Stick Pack (8 flavours)


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TAILWIND:  All you need, all day. Really!

One 2-serve pack of each of 8 flavours: Naked/Lemon/Mandarin Orange/Berry/Rasperry Buzz*/Tropical Buzz*/Green Tea Buzz (or Matcha, depending on stock levels)*/Colorado Cola*

* caffeinated flavours

Great for first-time triallists of Tailwind to figure out which flavours rock your boat.

Potent energy and electrolytes - no need to juggle gels, pills, or chews. Easy on your gut, so you can push the pace and feel great

- Tastes great hour after hour so you can drink and fuel from start to finish
- Hydration pack friendly!
- Dissolves easily and rinses clean
- Natural gluten-free ingredients and flavours

- Simply mix>pour>shake>go
- Pre-mix to prevent race day stress and save time
- Easily carried and stored (crew will love you)
- Simplify your nutrition plan
- Concentrate on your event and form

Note, Green Tea Buzz will be replaced with Matcha once Green Tea stock is depleted.

Each stick pack contains 200 calories.

  • Mix contents with 20-24oz of cool, clean water.
  • Give it a shake or two, and go!
  • Sip regularly for steady energy, electrolytes, and hydration.
  • For longer grunts, try our medium and large sizes.

Tailwind Endurance Fuel
Tailwind Endurance Fuel
Tailwind Endurance Fuel
Tailwind Endurance Fuel

Tailwind was created to give athletes easy-to-use, complete nutrition that frees you up to live in the moment and surprise yourself with what you can do. Whether you’re out for a weekend adventure, training for your first race, or climbing the podium, Tailwind has your back.

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