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Maungatua, Otago

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Maungatua Otago

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-45.88060, 170.11208

CE16 7590 1516


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Colin Tocher, 21st November 2021

Easiest and quickest way up is from off Heenan Rd. Track starts to the left of the "Private Property" sign. But first, head up to the farm house to say hi. From the first gate follow the farm track up to 4.3k and on the bend turn right and head straight up. At 5.3k there is a little decent but instead of jumping the gate, keep the fence on your right for about 700m till it rejoins the farm track. Keep heading right an the next 2 junctions (5.9k and 6.4k). At 7.1km you'll get to a gate. Don't go through it, instead jump the fence on the left and follow the track keeping the fence on the right. It's a tricky trail to follow with mud and swampy patches. But trust me, it's better than the right hand side. In about 800m you will pass through a cut fence. At 8.6k you can jump the fence on your right and run the last 60m to the summit.


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