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Walk, whatever the weather - Wild Challenges

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Walk, whatever the weather

15th May 2023 to 15th July 2023
Walk, whatever the weather

Challenge Type: Flash Challenge

Challenge Goal: Distance

About the Challenge:

The trails we explore aren't just for running. Yes, flying down some single track is spectacularly fun, and running gets us places faster, but sometimes it's good just to take our time, and walk.

So, as we move into the colder, wetter months, whatever the weather, Merrell want to see you out there, walking, hiking, and tramping.

You don't need to be on a trail from our Trail Directory; anywhere counts, and as this is a distance challenge, the more distance you record on Strava while tramping, hiking, or walking the higher up the leaderboard you'll find yourself.

Only activities marked as Walk or Hike in Strava will count!

Challenge Prizes:

We have five $200 vouchers to spend on anything at merrell.co.nz up for grabs.

These will be awarded as spot prizes at the end of the challenge. Each point on the leaderboard gets you an entry in the spot prize draw, but remember, you could still win, even with just one point!

Oh, and remember, you can always grab 15% off anything at Merrell with our VIP Rewards!

Challenge Leaderboard

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Wild Explorer Challenge Total
1 Lisa Ainley 218.0km
2 Jo Steven 188.2km
3 Sonja Vreugdenhil 155.4km
4 Katie Ridley 123.2km
5 Shonagh North 122.4km
6 Joe Benbow 105.9km
7 Benjamin Still 93.0km
8 Tania Miller 86.5km
9 Stephanie Berry 83.8km
10 Leah King 66.3km
11 Sarah Lee 59.8km
12 Sharon Davis 59.7km
13 Chantel Smith 58.0km
14 Fiona Stubbs 55.0km
15 Lesley Paterson 50.1km
16 Tamsen Walker 48.2km
17 Jessie Lott (Reid) 47.9km
18 Helen Brunner 43.0km
19 Penny Oxley 39.8km
20 Jon Culley 39.0km
21 Bill Emmens 37.2km
22 Denise Limby 36.8km
23 Katie Oliver 35.7km
24 Rob Bathgate 34.8km
25 Rie Kim 33.4km
26 Petra Hnykova 32.4km
27 Natalie Ball 31.3km
28 Liv Flett 30.9km
29 Gavin Sinclair 29.3km
30 Jerry Varghese 28.5km
31 Olivia Harris 27.2km
32 Dennis de Monchy 26.3km
33 Jennifer Hancock 20.5km
34 Lynette ELFICK 19.7km
35 Jasmine MNijel 18.9km
36 Mike Kerr 18.1km
37 Rachel Hart 15.2km
38 William Hart 14.1km
39 Callum Templeton 14.1km
40 Caro Orum 14.0km
41 Natalie Atkin 13.2km
42 Kirsty Hamlin 12.8km
43 Emily Searle 12.7km
44 Rachael Tobeck 12.1km
45 Steve Tripp 10.9km
46 Debbi Bamfield 9.7km
47 Joanna Markwick 9.2km
48 Sandi Cooper 9.0km
49 Tony Sharpe 7.9km
50 Sean McWilliams 6.9km
51 Jeremy Wheeler 6.5km
52 Justyna Blajerska 4.0km
53 Heather McDonald 4.0km
54 Holly Barclay 3.3km
55 Jonathan Drake 2.7km
56 Brook van Reenen 0.8km
=57 Emily Oliver 0.0km
=57 Raewyn Peters 0.0km
=57 Isaac Tripp 0.0km
=57 Rebecca Deutsch 0.0km
=57 Ryan Hattle 0.0km
=57 Jonathan Roughan 0.0km
=57 Lu Rvs 0.0km
=57 Tanya Phillips 0.0km
=57 Bryn Jenkins 0.0km
=57 Angela Hewlett 0.0km
=57 Isobel Stout 0.0km
=57 Matt Rowbotham 0.0km
=57 Pip Guthrey 0.0km
=57 Garry Walker 0.0km
=57 Chrissy Schreiber 0.0km
=57 Andrew Tolley 0.0km
=57 Georgie Griffiths 0.0km
=57 Kirsty Ibbotson 0.0km
=57 Jody Paddy 0.0km
=57 Jacki Key 0.0km
=57 Heidi Su 0.0km
=57 Steve Anderson 0.0km
=57 Jamie Hall 0.0km
=57 Quinn Hawkins 0.0km
=57 Conor Keena 0.0km
=57 Angela Ruegger 0.0km
=57 Sandrine Douarin 0.0km

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