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The WILD Vertical Challenge - Wild Challenges

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The WILD Vertical Challenge

1st December 2021 to 28th February 2022
The WILD Vertical Challenge

Challenge Type: Flash Challenge

Challenge Goal: Vertical Metres Climbed

About the Challenge:

No matter what distance competitors in The WILD - Epic Mountain Runs choose to tackle they will need to be hill fit. VERY hill fit! The 50-mile course, which you could win a free entry to by taking part in this challenge, has close to 5,000m of vert and goes over (or very close to) 4 named peaks. You get the picture! So here’s a great way to build a solid base for the race over this summer…

Every run that you do from 1st December 2021 to 28th February 2022 that includes at least one peak listed in the Wild Things Peak Directory will earn you challenge points. The number of points earned will be the same as the total elevation gain for that qualifying run. So, for example, if you do a run that goes over a listed peak that includes 755m of vertical gain then you will earn 755 challenge points. 

The run must take in a listed peak in order to qualify.

The run, or the peak, does not need to be on a trail directory trail.

Each challenge point you earn gives you one chance in the end-of-challenge prize draw. The more you earn the better your chances. You can track your progress and standing on the challenge leaderboard.

Challenge Prizes:

Up for grabs are two free entries to the Further Faster 50-mile event at the inaugural running of The WILD on December 10th 2022*

  1. The first prize will be drawn as a spot prize. Each Challenge Pt you earn gives you one chance in this draw.
  2. The second prize will be awarded to the person who we judge posts the best picture from a qualifying run to their Instagram account using the hashtag #thewildepicchallenge - quality pics that are in keeping with the theme of the Challenge have the best chance of being selected.

* NB the 50 mile event requires all entrants to meet the qualification criteria for the race. If you’re interested but have not yet received your Warrant of Wildness you can apply here. If you don’t qualify or would prefer to enter a shorter distance then your prize can be used for a free entry to the 20 mile run instead.

Challenge Leaderboard

Last updated 8 minutes ago.

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Wild Explorer Challenge Total
1 Steve Tripp 25,263m
2 Brook van Reenen 25,020m
3 Chloe Vincent 19,272m
4 Theodore Eyster 17,452m
5 Ben Brown 16,579m
6 Adam Keen 15,507m
7 Robyn Lesh 14,234m
8 John Iseli 13,993m
9 Lisa Ainley 13,580m
10 Shonagh North 13,318m
11 Malcolm Law 12,502m
12 Katie Wright 12,488m
13 Taye Pugh 11,718m
14 Donna Edwards 10,430m
15 Kyle Malone 9,422m
16 Richard Jackson 9,073m
17 Mike McManaway 8,862m
18 Terry McDonald 8,835m
19 Jamie Calder 8,431m
20 Derek Mc goldrick 8,342m
21 Jake Trinder 8,036m
22 Paul Forbes 7,457m
23 Max Stenhouse Burgess 7,135m
24 Scott Ferguson 6,931m
25 Caro Orum 6,874m
26 Lynette ELFICK 6,712m
27 Quinn Hawkins 6,668m
28 Steve Beatson 6,660m
29 Jeremy Wheeler 6,519m
30 Ben Cullen 5,920m
31 Joe Benbow 5,798m
32 Adam Clifford 5,611m
33 Richele McKenzie 5,576m
34 Steve Anderson 5,522m
35 Geoffrey Smith 5,503m
36 Miriam Bartlett 5,431m
37 Heather McDonald 5,348m
38 Ben Wallbank 5,050m
39 Sarah Coxon 5,010m
40 Helen Rowland 4,915m
41 Tony Sharpe 4,712m
42 Paul Nicholas 4,555m
43 Gavin Dale 4,513m
44 Kat Webber 4,434m
45 Andy Crosland 4,399m
46 Rachael Tobeck 4,212m
47 Don Laing 4,096m
48 Mason Spiers 4,040m
49 Tamsen Walker 3,839m
50 Brad Spiers 3,746m
51 Penny Oxley 3,738m
52 Mike Kerr 3,492m
53 Jasmine MNijel 3,448m
54 Matt Bixley 3,228m
55 Jayne Tankersley 3,140m
56 Chrissy Schreiber 3,103m
57 Tim Morton 3,049m
58 Allysia Kraakman 3,044m
59 Matt Halverson 2,999m
60 Andrew Glennie 2,767m
61 Laura Crossan 2,525m
62 Amy Whitehead 2,435m
63 Simon Dunlop 2,338m
64 Corey Woodward 2,319m
65 Jonathan Drake 2,272m
66 Liam Cosgrove 2,257m
67 Victoria Gallagher 2,095m
68 Paul Parsonage 2,035m
69 Rob Stent 1,836m
70 Isaac Tripp 1,677m
71 Conor Keena 1,649m
72 Lu Rvs 1,626m
73 Rebecca Deutsch 1,580m
74 Magnus Hammarsal 1,493m
75 Bartosz Morawiec 1,483m
=76 Simon Rea 1,452m
=76 Isobel Stout 1,452m
78 Callum Templeton 1,448m
79 Garry Walker 1,283m
80 Heather Leslie 1,267m
81 Alun Davies 565m
82 Denise Limby 543m
83 Sharon Davis 541m
84 Suzannah Toulmin 531m
85 Craig Monkman 519m
86 Neil Trimboy 469m
87 Raewyn Peters 449m
88 Stefanie Parks 436m
89 Keri Devine 401m
90 Katie Ridley 308m
91 Brad Bellamy 234m
=92 Andrew Harvey 0m
=92 Leah King 0m
=92 Paul Rose 0m
=92 Gerald Masters 0m
=92 Adam Forwood 0m
=92 Dianne Bailey 0m
=92 Tanya Bottomley 0m
=92 Maria Smith 0m
=92 Sam Mowat 0m
=92 Holly Barclay 0m
=92 June Hart 0m
=92 Liv Flett 0m
=92 Mike Monastra 0m
=92 Nikki Kear 0m
=92 Tj Smart 0m
=92 Debbi Bamfield 0m
=92 Michael Loftus 0m
=92 James Goodwill 0m
=92 Jayde Kruger 0m
=92 Pete Connole 0m
=92 Olivia Harris 0m
=92 Mark Craig 0m
=92 Heidi Su 0m
=92 Stu Houston 0m
=92 Maximilliano Molina 0m

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