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The Rab Hill Climb 2023 - Wild Challenges

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The Rab Hill Climb 2023

1st February 2023 to 30th April 2023
The Rab Hill Climb 2023

Challenge Type: Flash Challenge

Challenge Goal: Vertical Metres Climbed

About the Challenge:

We've done it before, and it was super popular. We also ❤️ love love love Rab trail running gear, so we're doing The Rab Hill Climb Challenge again! 

This challenge is based on a single trail from the trail directory - the trail you choose.

Any run (or walk) which involves part of your chosen trail will count, and the elevation from the entire run will be counted. You do not need to run it in full as described in the Trail Directory.

So, do you choose something really accessible and close by, which you can hit multiple times? Or do you go further afield for more available vert? Choose wisely, because once chosen, you can't change your trail*.

The more vertical metres climbed during April, May, and June on your chosen trail, the higher up the leaderboard you'll get.

We have a spot prize to giveaway for each region. This is the region of the trails selected, so will this sway your trail choice too?

If you want some utterly epic gear to help you up and down (and then back up and down...) your favourite hill, definitely check out our newly extended Rab range. "It's bloody awesome." ~ Rob

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*If the trail closes during the challenge, or you move away, email us asking nicely and we might allow you to swap.

Challenge Prizes:

Thanks to Rab, The Mountain People, we have a huge $3,200 worth of vouchers to give away.

The trail directory is broken down into 16 regions across New Zealand, so one $200 Rab voucher will be awarded as a spot prize to a runner in each region.

Remember, these are spot prizes; anyone can win, so get involved!

Note, this is the region of the trails, not the member.

Challenge Leaderboard

Last updated 4 minutes ago.

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Wild Explorer Challenge Total Chosen TrailRegion
1 James Goodwill 27,805m Southern WalkwayWellington
2 Jeremy Edwards 16,371m Port Hills ProtocolCanterbury
3 Steve Tripp 15,448m Ross Creek and McGouns Otago
4 Brian Aitken 13,185m The Chairlift ChoiceCanterbury
5 Kyle Malone 13,122m WUU2k - 42km RouteWellington
6 Tony Sharpe 10,477m The ATH (Around The Harbour)Canterbury
7 Emily Oliver 10,203m The ATH (Around The Harbour)Canterbury
8 Penny Oxley 10,196m Slip Track from TitirangiAuckland
9 Sofia Peters 9,568m Roy's PeakOtago
10 Ben Mcdrury 9,333m Mt Thomas Direct!Canterbury
11 Ian Gilmour 8,808m Grampians GruntTasman and Nelson
12 Emma Rogers 7,872m Whigs' Flying Fifty (WFF)Canterbury
13 Matt Halverson 7,852m Bowenvale / Huntsbury LoopCanterbury
14 Quinn Hawkins 7,472m Mauao - Round, Up and DownBay of Plenty
15 Angela Hewlett 6,938m Round Ruapehu (RTM Track)Manawatu - Wanganui
16 Blue Tangiora 6,888m The ATH (Around The Harbour)Canterbury
17 Kat Webber 6,719m The ATH (Around The Harbour)Canterbury
18 Conor Keena 6,463m Heathcote River Run - Opawa to Hoon HayCanterbury
19 Benjamin Still 6,446m Whigs' Flying Fifty (WFF)Canterbury
20 Andy Crosland 6,369m Belmont Bash Wellington
21 Scott Ferguson 6,198m The ATH (Around The Harbour)Canterbury
22 Poppie Johnson 5,801m The ATH (Around The Harbour)Canterbury
23 Caro Orum 5,587m WUU2k - 42km RouteWellington
24 Sam Mowat 5,517m The ATH (Around The Harbour)Canterbury
25 Alastair Henshaw 5,439m Skyline - Mt KaukauWellington
26 Mike Kerr 5,282m Miners TrailOtago
27 David Hosking 5,247m WUU2k - 42km RouteWellington
28 Karen Spencer 5,035m WUU2k - 42km RouteWellington
29 Denise Limby 4,974m Town Basin, Whangarei Falls & Parihaka Northland
30 Holly Barclay 4,497m Grampians GruntTasman and Nelson
31 Georgie Griffiths 4,496m Whakarewarewa RainbowBay of Plenty
32 Natasja Wilmot 4,456m Hilly HakarimataWaikato
33 Kirsty Hamlin 4,406m Town Basin, Whangarei Falls & Parihaka Northland
34 Jamie Hall 4,357m Whakarewarewa RainbowBay of Plenty
35 Heather McDonald 4,335m WUU2k - 42km RouteWellington
36 Raewyn Peters 4,327m Pouakai CircuitTaranaki
37 Jeremy Wheeler 4,220m The ATH (Around The Harbour)Canterbury
38 Jodi Beetsma 4,163m Tauhara GruntWaikato
39 Debbi Bamfield 4,076m Tasman TrailTasman and Nelson
40 Sarah Lee 4,071m Southern WalkwayWellington
41 Anthony Sowerby 3,918m Oropi Grove MTB GlidingBay of Plenty
42 Mark Craig 3,783m Piha-ing Around Auckland
43 Jake Trinder 3,777m Ben Lomond via Tiki TrailOtago
44 Allysia Kraakman 3,774m Te Aroha Summit LoopWaikato
45 Katie Oliver 3,762m The Pipeline of PainCanterbury
46 Adam Clifford 3,747m Wanaka LRMI (Lake, River, Mt. Iron)Otago
47 Isaac Tripp 3,633m Alternative Flagstaff CircuitOtago
48 Linus Corin 3,631m The Bowenvale ElevatorCanterbury
49 Ben Brown 3,601m Mt John - Lake Tekapo LoopCanterbury
50 Joe Benbow 3,490m Round Ruapehu (RTM Track)Manawatu - Wanganui
51 Katie Ridley 3,292m The ATH (Around The Harbour)Canterbury
52 Amy Whitehead 3,283m The Pipeline of PainCanterbury
53 Michael Loftus 3,267m Slip Track from TitirangiAuckland
54 Lisa Ainley 3,242m Mt Thomas GruntCanterbury
55 Sonia Panapa 3,189m Miners TrailOtago
56 Billy Powell 2,955m Oxford Odyssey Marathon RouteCanterbury
57 Natalie Atkin 2,909m Summerhill TracksManawatu - Wanganui
58 Jo Steven 2,843m Croydon Bush - Richardson loopSouthland
59 Sean McWilliams 2,818m As You Do LoopBay of Plenty
60 Ryan Monastra 2,758m Jumbo - Holdsworth CircuitWellington
61 Andrew Tolley 2,741m WUU2k - 42km RouteWellington
62 Nikki Kear 2,658m Rapaki Sugarloaf ReturnCanterbury
63 Mikey Ball 2,524m Mt Vernon Grand TraverseMarlborough
64 Tanya Phillips 2,480m Wilkie and The Enchanted RidgeTaranaki
65 Natalie Ball 2,477m Fanthanaki double summit loopTaranaki
66 Jonathan Roughan 2,359m Mt Pleasant ElevatorCanterbury
67 Robert McDonald 2,317m Brook-Fireball-Maitai LoopTasman and Nelson
68 Magnus Hammarsal 2,308m Waikowhai Stairs, Bush & BeachAuckland
69 Rachael Tobeck 2,282m Totara Park TrackAuckland
70 Zack Reimer 2,160m Boulder DashCanterbury
71 Taye Pugh 2,125m Halswell and KennedysCanterbury
72 Alex Watson 2,106m Town Basin, Whangarei Falls & Parihaka Northland
73 Paul Forbes 2,012m Little Mount PeelCanterbury
74 William Hart 2,010m The Bullring BasherOtago
75 Jodie Heywood 1,954m Scout loopTasman and Nelson
76 Kerryn Stewart 1,940m Queenstown Trail AnticlockwiseOtago
77 Megan Hinton 1,877m Halswell and KennedysCanterbury
78 Steve Beatson 1,863m Grampians GruntTasman and Nelson
79 Rudolf Plucinsky 1,593m Roxburgh GorgeOtago
80 Jon Culley 1,575m Maungakiekie LoopAuckland
81 Peter Savage 1,466m Lyttelton Dress CircleCanterbury
82 Annette Adams 1,443m The Crater RimCanterbury
83 Chantel Smith 1,423m Eskdale Outer LoopypopAuckland
84 Jody Paddy 1,342m Bus Station to Beer SpotAuckland
85 Donna Edwards 1,247m The ATH (Around The Harbour)Canterbury
86 Olivia Harris 1,177m Whakarewarewa RainbowBay of Plenty
87 Nat Thompson 1,175m Mauao - Round, Up and DownBay of Plenty
88 Lynette ELFICK 1,159m Mt Cass ClamberCanterbury
89 Liam Wilson 1,089m The Weetbix ChallengeBay of Plenty
90 Bryn Jenkins 1,085m WUU2k - 42km RouteWellington
91 Stephen Steddy 1,083m Waihi Beach Trig TrackBay of Plenty
92 Chrissy Schreiber 1,068m Ben Lomond via Tiki TrailOtago
93 Diane Gillard 1,064m The Weetbix ChallengeBay of Plenty
94 Justyna Blajerska 1,022m Flat Fun in the EastAuckland
95 Jayde Kruger 1,022m Sawpit Gully - German HillOtago
96 Steve Anderson 1,016m Kakahu Bush ReserveCanterbury
97 Jennifer Hancock 910m Te Aroha Summit LoopWaikato
98 Geoffrey Smith 847m Halswell and KennedysCanterbury
99 Tim Carpenter 798m Manawatu Gorge TrackManawatu - Wanganui
100 Helen Brunner 757m Bluff Hill LoopsSouthland
101 Adam Forwood 707m Taieri Mouth Millenium TrailOtago
102 Simon Rea 668m Pareraho to CornishWellington
103 Rob Bathgate 641m Papamoa Hills Outer LoopBay of Plenty
104 Steph Hobbs 598m Huntleigh Park and Crow's Nest Wellington
105 Neil Maclennan 558m Waihi Beach Trig TrackBay of Plenty
=106 Brook van Reenen 517m Wanaka LRMI (Lake, River, Mt. Iron)Otago
=106 Heather Leslie 517m Birchville Dam LoopWellington
108 Mike McManaway 463m Low Hanging FruitTasman and Nelson
109 Noeline Best 383m Te Ara O WairakeiBay of Plenty
110 Matt Hall-White 221m Mangemangeroa TrackAuckland
111 Dianne Rawson 190m Eskdale Outer LoopypopAuckland
112 Dean Harvey 111m Involution LoopTasman and Nelson
113 Gerald Masters 74m Hunua CrossingAuckland
=114 Ryan Hattle 0m Not chosen yet -
=114 Sarah Bauer 0m Not chosen yet -
=114 Jasmine MNijel 0m Not chosen yet -
=114 Jonathan Drake 0m Not chosen yet -
=114 Rich Martin 0m WUU2k - 42km RouteWellington
=114 Sandrine Douarin 0m Not chosen yet -
=114 Dennis de Monchy 0m Otawa TrigBay of Plenty
=114 Rachel Shields 0m Pineapple and FlagstaffOtago
=114 Nick Pharo 0m Otawa Lodge & Otawa Trig LoopBay of Plenty
=114 Murray Taylor 0m Hakarimata N-S Full Trail Loop Waikato
=114 Tim Purchase 0m Maungatautari crazy 8Waikato
=114 Dan Martin 0m Isthmus PeakOtago
=114 Tim Shaw 0m Not chosen yet -
=114 Maximilliano Molina 0m Not chosen yet -
=114 Tamsen Walker 0m Rakiura TrackSouthland
=114 Victoria Gallagher 0m Te Henga TrailAuckland
=114 Isobel Stout 0m Mt Pleasant ElevatorCanterbury
=114 James Brewer 0m Not chosen yet -
=114 Natalie Ganley 0m 1100 Steps to WOW!Northland
=114 Derek Mc goldrick 0m Not chosen yet -
=114 Rie Kim 0m Karamatura LoopAuckland
=114 Alun Davies 0m Not chosen yet -
=114 Matt Barton 0m Not chosen yet -
=114 Jordan Van Der Klei 0m Tahuna TrailsTasman and Nelson
=114 Sandi Cooper 0m Not chosen yet -
=114 Tj Smart 0m The ATH (Around The Harbour)Canterbury
=114 Andy Rawlins 0m Not chosen yet -
=114 Steve Stewart 0m Not chosen yet -
=114 Beckie Marshall 0m Not chosen yet -
=114 Richard Tumaliuan 0m Not chosen yet -
=114 Elspeth Knewstubb 0m Not chosen yet -
=114 Heidi Su 0m Not chosen yet -
=114 Bill Emmens 0m Not chosen yet -
=114 julie stewart 0m Ross, Pineapple, Frasers loopOtago
=114 Garry Walker 0m Not chosen yet -
=114 Jodi Kearney 0m Not chosen yet -
=114 Brendon Pascoe 0m Not chosen yet -
=114 Richele McKenzie 0m Not chosen yet -
=114 Catherine Reaves 0m Mauao - Round, Up and DownBay of Plenty
=114 June Hart 0m Not chosen yet -
=114 Charlotte Evans 0m Karamatura LoopAuckland
=114 Tracey McKay 0m Not chosen yet -
=114 Sophie Beaumont 0m Not chosen yet -

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