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The Mindset - Wild Challenges

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The Mindset

1st August 2022 to 31st October 2022
The Mindset

Challenge Type: Flash Challenge

Challenge Goal: Vertical Metres Climbed

About the Challenge:

Mindset is an integral part of distance running, especially when it comes to those long climbs, and this challenge will help you train exactly that; your mindset!

Every run or walk with over 500m of elevation gain counts on the leaderboard, and the more total elevation you clock up, the higher up the leaderboard you'll find yourself.

To help you elevate that mindset further, we've teamed up with Athletic Mindset, who support and educate athletes of all ages & abilities to maximise their potential and achieve their sporting & life goals. Through their proven transformational journeys, they'll work with you to break down limiting beliefs, overcome challenges and barriers to success whilst elevating your peak performance.

Challenge Prizes:

We're giving two winners two months free mindset coaching, worth over $800, which will be awarded as spot prizes at the end of the challenge.

Challenge Leaderboard

Last updated 26 minutes ago.

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Wild Explorer Challenge Total
1 Kyle Malone 61,819m
2 Rachel Bridgewater 48,976m
3 James Brewer 44,209m
4 Samuel Grave 38,975m
5 Dennis de Monchy 38,743m
6 Sam Mowat 35,785m
7 Richele McKenzie 35,311m
8 Tony Sharpe 32,354m
9 Brook van Reenen 31,588m
10 Richard Jackson 30,670m
11 Sarah Coxon 30,257m
12 Mike McManaway 26,606m
13 Ben Brown 25,329m
14 Taye Pugh 23,803m
15 Ian Gilmour 20,673m
16 Matt Barton 20,540m
17 Lisa Ainley 20,132m
18 Shonagh North 20,014m
19 chris atkinson 19,630m
20 Natalie Hitchings 18,378m
21 June Hart 16,946m
22 Penny Oxley 16,424m
23 Jeremy Wheeler 16,194m
24 Ryan Hattle 16,185m
25 Emma Rogers 16,004m
26 Ben Cullen 15,371m
27 Malcolm Law 15,347m
28 Tamsen Walker 14,921m
29 Brad Geen 14,102m
30 Sarah Bauer 13,686m
31 Steve Anderson 13,488m
32 Chris Fahey 13,295m
33 Luca Ahumada-Percoco 13,223m
34 Quinn Hawkins 12,087m
35 Magnus Hammarsal 12,085m
36 Grant Allerby 12,015m
37 Joe Benbow 11,869m
38 Mark Craig 11,368m
39 Emma McEwen 10,959m
40 Simon Budd 10,844m
41 Angela Hewlett 10,241m
42 Steve Holdoway 10,142m
43 Jonathan Roughan 9,510m
44 Jeremy Edwards 9,440m
45 Nikki Kear 9,146m
46 Andy Crosland 8,427m
47 Adam Clifford 8,293m
48 Tim Morton 7,928m
49 Blue Tangiora 7,889m
50 Garry Walker 7,681m
51 Victoria Gallagher 6,855m
52 Heidi Su 6,413m
53 Murray Taylor 6,348m
54 Paul Forbes 6,235m
55 Steve Tripp 6,148m
56 Rob Bathgate 6,126m
57 Jasmine MNijel 6,020m
58 Neil Trimboy 5,978m
59 Scott Ferguson 5,873m
60 Kat Webber 5,393m
61 Debbi Bamfield 5,340m
62 Jamie Calder 5,154m
63 Tania Miller 5,151m
64 Rachael Tobeck 5,145m
65 Matt Rowbotham 5,123m
66 Chrissy Schreiber 5,113m
67 Katreena Daniels 4,926m
68 Heather Leslie 4,595m
69 Lea Melrose 4,522m
70 Darren de Groot 4,249m
71 Stefanie Parks 4,228m
72 Lynette ELFICK 3,928m
73 Holly Barclay 3,797m
74 Keri Devine 3,723m
75 Petra Hnykova 3,617m
76 Ben Mcdrury 3,552m
77 Conor Keena 3,477m
78 Vicky Havill 3,187m
79 Katie Oliver 2,906m
80 Allysia Kraakman 2,780m
81 Zack Reimer 2,546m
82 Sally Woodfield 2,428m
83 Amy Whitehead 2,413m
84 Beckie Marshall 2,400m
85 Michael Loftus 2,151m
86 Rachel Hart 2,129m
87 Jonathan Drake 2,034m
88 Helen Brunner 1,875m
89 Jayde Kruger 1,831m
90 Heather McDonald 1,798m
91 Matt Bixley 1,590m
92 Sean McWilliams 1,579m
93 Isobel Stout 1,538m
94 Anthony Sowerby 1,375m
95 Jo Bailey 1,189m
96 Angela Ruegger 1,111m
97 Caro Orum 1,110m
98 Karen Spencer 1,084m
99 Denise Limby 1,069m
100 Jon Culley 1,066m
101 Lu Rvs 948m
102 Sandi Cooper 919m
103 Tracey McKay 763m
104 Tim Purchase 691m
105 Alun Davies 675m
106 Maximilliano Molina 606m
107 Erwin Versleijen 600m
108 Katie Ridley 593m
109 Karl Zimmerman 561m
110 Dianne Rawson 545m
=111 Catherine Penfold 0m
=111 Stephen Steddy 0m
=111 Robert McDonald 0m
=111 Jennifer Hancock 0m
=111 Olivia Harris 0m
=111 Mike Krause 0m
=111 Noeline Best 0m

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