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The Hunua Hillbilly - Wild Challenges

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The Hunua Hillbilly

1st September 2022 to 30th September 2022
The Hunua Hillbilly

Challenge Type: Flash Challenge

Challenge Goal: Vertical Metres Climbed

Open Challenge: Open to all VIPs

About the Challenge:

A 60km Ultramarathon in memory of Steve Neary

There’s nothing quite so wonderful as that person who glows, and who can’t help but share that glow with everyone else. Steve Neary was that person. Even if you never managed to catch him on the trails (because boy was he fast!), many of you from the trail running community would have known of Steve and his relentless passion for running in New Zealand’s native bush – and for welcoming others to the trails.

On 7th November it will be (now) six years since we lost Steve. We feel it is the perfect moment to celebrate Steve’s life and loves: trail running, kokako (and all the NZ birds, Tui’s and Kereru were his other favorites), New Zealand’s native bush, family, friends, and fun.

The Hunua Ranges were Steve's 'backyard', and his favourite place to run. So what better way to honour his memory than by coming together and testing ourselves over the hardest and most beautiful tracks the Hunuas have to offer – and following it up with the kind of old-fashioned fun and camaraderie he loved.

Make no mistake – this event is tough, but in a friendly sort of way... much like our Steve.

BUT, here's where this challenge can help! Not only will it motivate you to hit get used to the hilly Hunua terrain, but you can also score yourself a free entry to the event!

Any run (or walk or crawl) within the Auckland, Waikato or Bay of Plenty region will count. The more vertical gain you rack up on your trail runs will get you higher on the leaderboard.

Any Wild Challenger or VIP member can join this challenge, but being in the Auckland, Waikato or Bay of Plenty region will no doubt help!

Heads up: we originally had this challenge set up whereby you had to run on any part of the Hunua Hillbilly route, but due to park closures, we have decided to tweak this challenge.


Challenge Prizes:

At the end of the challenge, we'll give away one free entry and one half-price entry as spot prizes!

Because entries are already open, we will happily refund the winner (or you can gift it to a running buddy!) if you have already entered, so don’t let the challenge stop you from entering.

Challenge Leaderboard

Last updated about an hour ago.

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Wild Explorer Challenge Total
1 chris atkinson 9,450m
2 Quinn Hawkins 8,144m
3 Mark Craig 7,533m
4 Sarah Jackson 7,512m
5 Ryan Hattle 7,440m
6 Sarah Bauer 7,366m
7 Nat Thompson 7,305m
8 Penny Oxley 6,769m
9 Nathan May 6,567m
10 Rachael Tobeck 6,092m
11 Luca Ahumada 4,795m
12 Matthew Leach 4,473m
13 Claire Whittle 4,004m
14 Sean McWilliams 3,788m
15 Warwick Evenson 3,774m
16 Emma McEwen 3,589m
17 Liv Flett 3,588m
18 Jeremy Stronach 3,580m
19 Rebecca Cooper-Bullock 3,156m
20 Phil Evans 3,094m
21 John Bailey 2,910m
22 Murray Taylor 2,868m
23 Tracey McKay 2,765m
24 Jonathan Drake 2,697m
25 Rob Bathgate 2,549m
26 Matt Rowbotham 2,547m
27 Andrew Harvey 2,457m
28 Rachel Hart 2,390m
29 Jasmine MNijel 2,345m
30 Andy Crosland 2,316m
31 Jennifer Overend 2,213m
32 Erwin Versleijen 2,056m
33 Jon Culley 1,772m
34 Jennifer Bepko 1,761m
35 Maria Kroonenberg 1,664m
36 Andy Groom 1,575m
37 Anthony Bus 1,539m
38 Kay Abayakoon 1,505m
39 Jennifer Hancock 1,381m
40 David Ching 1,104m
41 Angela Ruegger 614m
42 Dianne Rawson 583m
43 Heather McDonald 549m
44 Caro Orum 391m
45 Chris Horan 76m
=46 Glenn Fulton 0m
=46 Denise Limby 0m
=46 Conor Keena 0m
=46 Laurie Wilson 0m
=46 Graham Ellwood 0m
=46 James Brewer 0m
=46 Karl Zimmerman 0m
=46 Jayde Kruger 0m

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