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Soothe with Sweet Cheeks - Wild Challenges

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Soothe with Sweet Cheeks

1st May 2022 to 31st May 2022
Soothe with Sweet Cheeks

Challenge Type: Flash Challenge

Challenge Goal: Distance

About the Challenge:

Butt Butter is bloody awesome. A natural anti-chafing cream for all athletes. Soothing and antiseptic, it helps to prevent chafing, blisters and sores when out there exploring.

Super Balm is a wonder for skin ailments; heal your bumps, bruises, cuts, and bites after that bush adventure!

These, plus some more awesome natural products are all handmade by Jennie at Sweet Cheeks, in stunning Wanaka. Thanks to Jennie, we're giving away a big stash, and all you need to do is run!

The goal for this one is simple: run or walk as far as you can during May.

You don't need to run on a trail from our Trail Directory; anywhere counts, and as this is a running distance challenge, the more distance you record on Strava while running, hiking, or walking the higher up the leaderboard you'll find yourself.

The more challenge points you earn the better your chances of winning from our stash of Sweet Cheeks Butt Butter and Super Balm!

Also make sure you post your beautiful trail photos to Instagram using #wildsweetcheeks and tag @wildthingsnz for more chances to win!

If you need any Butt Butter anti-chafe for your adventures up the challenge leaderboard, just check it out in our shop.

Challenge Prizes:

We have ten packages of Butt Butter and Super Balm, worth $370 to giveaway.

Five will be awarded as spot prizes at the end of the challenge, and the other five awarded for the best Instagram photos.

Instagram Photo Prize

Post pictures to your Instagram account using #wildsweetcheeks and tag @wildthingsnz - show us your beautiful trail photos!

This means anyone can win, so get involved!

Challenge Leaderboard

Last updated 3 minutes ago.

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Wild Explorer Challenge Total
1 Tim Carpenter 392.4km
2 Gavin Dale 387.3km
3 Debbi Bamfield 371.7km
4 Robyn Lesh 337.5km
5 Mike McManaway 327.3km
6 Michelle Snape 298.3km
7 Scott Ferguson 295.6km
8 Kyle Malone 285.8km
9 Katreena Daniels 270.4km
10 James Goodwill 268.2km
11 Simon Budd 267.8km
12 Angela Hewlett 262.4km
13 Murray Taylor 261.7km
14 Steve Anderson 259.7km
15 Joe Benbow 255.8km
16 Brook van Reenen 246.1km
17 Ian Gilmour 245.6km
18 Sarah Bauer 244.6km
19 Rachael Tobeck 242.4km
20 Rob Stent 239.7km
21 Steve Beatson 235.2km
22 Jasmine MNijel 232.6km
23 Lisa Ainley 230.3km
24 Kat Webber 226.7km
25 Helen Brunner 222.2km
26 Rebecca Edgecombe 221.6km
27 Kelly Chapman 220.7km
28 Raewyn Peters 217.7km
29 Jeremy Edwards 207.8km
30 Paul Nicholas 201.9km
31 Tamsen Walker 198.0km
32 Heidi Su 196.5km
33 Tony Sharpe 195.7km
34 Malcolm Law 186.5km
35 Keri Devine 183.6km
36 Shonagh North 178.3km
37 Richele McKenzie 175.9km
38 Sarah Lee 174.3km
39 Kerry Williams 173.3km
40 Rachel Hart 173.3km
41 Heather Leslie 172.9km
42 Kathy Menary 170.6km
43 Andy Crosland 170.5km
44 Jonathan Drake 168.6km
45 Tanya Bottomley 165.2km
46 Diane Gillard 164.7km
47 Sofia Peters 154.6km
48 Darren de Groot 153.9km
49 Steve Tripp 150.6km
50 June Hart 150.2km
51 Fiona Stubbs 150.1km
52 Geoffrey Smith 149.5km
53 Stephen Bates 149.2km
54 Jamie Calder 149.0km
55 Phil Gerard 147.6km
56 Zack Reimer 143.5km
57 Petra Hnykova 137.1km
58 Ryan Hattle 136.5km
59 Jennifer Hancock 136.1km
60 Jonathan Scott 135.8km
61 Natalie Ball 132.9km
62 Alun Davies 131.5km
63 Conor Keena 131.3km
64 Corey Woodward 130.3km
65 Andrew Tolley 128.1km
66 Callum Templeton 126.7km
67 Alice Sagar 122.1km
68 Donna Edwards 121.7km
69 Miriam Bartlett 116.2km
70 Denise Limby 114.8km
71 Sharon Davis 113.8km
72 Matt Barton 111.5km
73 Karen Spencer 110.3km
74 Mike Kerr 109.3km
75 Heather McDonald 109.3km
76 Tim Purchase 107.4km
77 Garry Walker 106.6km
78 Lu Rvs 106.3km
79 Victoria Gallagher 104.6km
80 Jonathan Roughan 101.4km
81 Adam Mullally 100.2km
82 Matt Halverson 97.6km
83 Mark Craig 95.8km
84 Pip Guthrey 91.1km
85 Rob Bathgate 85.9km
86 Jo Bailey 82.9km
87 Brad Bellamy 82.0km
88 Craig Monkman 70.4km
89 Chrissy Schreiber 70.1km
90 Katie Ridley 69.8km
91 Adrian Rhodes 69.1km
92 Isobel Stout 67.2km
93 Adam Clifford 65.6km
94 Matt Bixley 65.5km
95 Lynda Watson 62.3km
96 Penny Carroll 61.8km
97 Amy Whitehead 61.2km
98 Megan Hinton 58.0km
99 Nadia Maclaren 57.5km
100 Stephen Steddy 56.7km
101 Dennis de Monchy 52.5km
102 Olivia Harris 50.1km
103 Stefanie Parks 47.6km
104 Holly Barclay 46.1km
105 Simon Rea 42.9km
106 Beckie Marshall 41.2km
107 Paul Rose 39.8km
108 Katie Oliver 37.1km
109 Anthony Sowerby 35.2km
110 Blue Tangiora 32.7km
111 Matt Rowbotham 26.0km
112 Paul Parsonage 25.4km
113 Noelene Page 23.0km
114 Gerald Masters 20.5km
115 Dianne Rawson 19.7km
116 Noeline Best 17.2km
117 Quinn Hawkins 13.8km
=118 Karyn Grindlay 0.0km
=118 Katie Wright 0.0km

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