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Shed The Turkey Challenge - Wild Challenges

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Shed The Turkey Challenge

26th December 2020 to 31st December 2020
Shed The Turkey Challenge

Challenge Type: Flash Challenge

Challenge Goal: Vertical Metres Climbed

About the Challenge:

We all like to indulge a little over Xmas, but this Challenge will give you some motivation gain some vert while losing some of that festive lard.

Every vertical metre that you climb while running or hiking between Boxing Day and New Year's Eve will give you 1 Challenge Point. 

The more Challenge Points you earn the better your chances of winning a cool prize.

Challenge Prizes:

On completion of the Challenge we will draw 2 winners - every Challenge Point that you earn gives you once chance in the draw.

Up for grabs are 2 x $100 Wild Things gift vouchers.

Challenge Leaderboard

Last updated 13 minutes ago.

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Wild Explorer Challenge Total
1 Alex Garden 9,505m
2 Samuel Grave 8,021m
3 Steve Anderson 6,913m
4 Katie Wright 6,907m
5 Grant Allerby 6,302m
6 Rachel Bridgewater 6,081m
7 Sam Mowat 5,381m
8 James Brewer 5,179m
9 Steve Tripp 4,704m
10 Sarah Coxon 4,682m
11 Gareth Jenkins 4,627m
12 Tim Morton 4,534m
13 Jake Trinder 4,367m
14 Ian Gilmour 4,356m
15 james Bryant Bland 4,145m
16 Tony Sharpe 3,751m
17 Logan Austin 3,571m
18 Raewyn Peters 3,470m
19 Daniel Mudgway 3,395m
20 Matt Bixley 3,312m
21 Annelise La Roche 3,142m
22 ewald kruger 3,128m
23 Callum Templeton 3,024m
24 Malcolm Law 2,986m
25 Jenny Hirst 2,746m
26 Zack Reimer 2,719m
27 Natalie Hitchings 2,705m
28 Daniel Parkinson 2,677m
29 Debbi Bamfield 2,651m
30 Robyn Lesh 2,315m
31 Deon de Clercq 2,239m
32 Isobel Stout 2,211m
33 Petra Hnykova 2,208m
34 Laura Christian 2,108m
35 Brad Spiers 2,105m
36 Keri Devine 2,076m
37 Mike Tennent 2,027m
38 Jo Bailey 1,967m
39 Richele McKenzie 1,914m
40 Rachael Tobeck 1,906m
41 Sharon Davis 1,854m
42 Rob Stent 1,843m
43 Jan Robinson 1,789m
44 Olivia Barnes 1,784m
45 Laura Crossan 1,763m
46 Carys John 1,634m
47 Seawon Yoon 1,614m
48 Tracey McMillan 1,548m
49 Chloe Wickman 1,546m
50 Jacqui Milton 1,481m
51 christine weeks 1,442m
52 Juliet Iremonger 1,366m
53 Jonathan Scott 1,357m
54 Cass Hart 1,356m
55 Natasja Wilmot 1,335m
56 Emily Sterk 1,322m
57 Sarah Lee 1,316m
58 Jo Drenth 1,266m
59 Pete Connole 1,187m
60 Maximilliano Molina 1,173m
61 Derek Mc goldrick 1,164m
62 Terry McDonald 1,154m
63 Hugh Sturrock 1,149m
64 Jayne Tankersley 1,095m
65 Scott Ferguson 1,079m
=66 Emma Rogers 1,047m
=66 Jonathan Drake 1,047m
68 Jeremy Wheeler 1,022m
69 Erwin Versleijen 991m
70 Jacki Ramson 951m
71 Amy Whitehead 907m
72 Mick Finn 898m
73 Mike Kerr 889m
74 Stefanie Parks 881m
75 Matt Andrews 825m
76 Olivia Clendon 822m
77 Matt Halverson 818m
78 Miriam Bartlett 812m
79 Tim Urwin 805m
80 Oren Ellery 800m
81 John OConnell 787m
82 Stephen Steddy 785m
83 Ben Taylor 752m
84 Matthew Adams 664m
85 Jaco Scherman 646m
86 Andrew Harvey 604m
87 Adrian Rhodes 557m
88 Adam Clifford 549m
89 Angela Ruegger 444m
90 Lou Ochsner 443m
91 Heather Leslie 439m
92 Annie Radecki 413m
93 Kerry Williams 407m
94 Cheryl Kessack 227m
95 Noeline Best 193m
96 Colin Tocher 185m
97 Rebecca Edgecombe 179m
98 Billy Powell 126m
99 Fleur Douglas 124m
100 Kylie Brown 84m
101 Heidi Su 80m
102 Stephen Bates 67m
103 Nick Pharo 24m
=104 Olivia Harris 0m
=104 Kristina Arthur 0m
=104 Aron McKeown 0m
=104 Malcolm Webb 0m

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