Need a run goal? Read this.



January 1, 2023 2 min read

Let’s talk run goals. They can come in so many variations depending on where you’re at with your running venture. We love a good running goal (because running rules, especially trail running), so if you’re a bit lost on drilling down a realistic and achievable goal, then let us help out with these five ideas. 

Run 3 times a week

This one is a goodie because it’s totally achievable. It doesn’t matter about time or distance, just go run three times a week. You may not think it’s worth getting changed for, but even a 20-minute run counts and you’ll feel great! Getting into habits and rhythms is the hardest part (because well, you know, life) so if you can nail this one then your running will undoubtedly improve. Try to have your runs pre-scheduled on the same days each week, that’ll give you even more chance of success. 

Run trail for the first time

It might take a bit of building up to, but put a particular run (choose one here) on your radar and get planning to run it. You can try breaking it up into manageable chunks and complete sections at a time. Or set yourself landmarks to run sections and walk sections. Take a picnic and just relish the fact that you’re on your first trail run. 

Run 5km without stopping

This is probably every beginner's go-to goal, and it’s popular for a reason; long enough for a challenge but short enough to achieve it. We won’t go into details about training for your first 5km (we’ll leave that up to the training experts) but here’s a wee tip, start out by run-walking. Set a time e.g. 2 minutes and run for that amount of time and then walk for that amount of time, then slowly increase that time over several weeks. Don’t even think about looking (or worrying) about your pace because it does NOT matter. 

Leaderboards or Strava times

Have you heard of the Wild Explorers Leaderboard? When you become a VIP and link your Strava account to Wild Things your runs automatically get added to the leaderboard for every run you do from the trail directory, giving you points for the leaderboard. This is probably aimed at those already doing some trail running but it’s a fun way to track your running against yourself and others. 

Strava is a super handy tool for each of your runs and segments on those runs. Really good if you’re wanting some extra challenge during a run to try and beat your times from before, or even go for the segment win.

Enter a race

Double down on your running with a new years resolution and enter a trail race. If you’re able, why not go all in and give yourself something extra fun to train for? The sense of achievement you’ll get when crossing the line of a trail event is like no other, pure satisfaction. Best to choose an event happening at least three months away to give you enough time to train for it, but having a date to work towards does wonders for integrating running into your weekly schedule, and of course adds to that all-important accountability.  

Our biggest tip for sticking to a goal is to tell as many of your friends and family as possible. The power of accountability will help you along nicely. 

Good luck and happy trails!