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The Taniwha - a poetic race report!

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The Taniwha - a poetic race report!

By Roger Leslie on 13th November 2019 Race Reports

The Taniwha - a poetic race report!

Pic: Photos4Sale

The Taniwha of legend – infuses hearts with fear

and those who brave the river – may find him lurking there

The mists of early morning – disguise his scaly gaze

and lure the fool, unwary – to where the monster lays


A marathon of suff’ring – is waiting by the shores

for virgins of this running – and older dinosaurs

They stream into the forest – in happy single file

so far from home and comfort – these athletes of exile


In shadow of the Miro – idyllic running space

one soon forgets the monster – is native to this place

The birdsong of the woodlands – and flying water-fowl

can mask the sound of danger – and shield the giant’s growl


The cold of early morning – around the river bays

is overcome with sunshine – and its relentless rays

Anticipation smiles – upon the lurking beast

He loves a salty runner – ‘twill be a gourmet feast


As cramp of heat and distance – begins to break their hearts

yes, now the waiting monster – will bite their nether parts

As self recrimination – is heard upon their lips

the Taniwha breaths fire – on weary knees and hips


He lashes with his tail – and slashes with his claws

and all the time there’s roaring – and gnashing of the jaws

The blisters and the chafing – are taking now their toll

the Taniwha of legend – a ‘mighty river’ troll


But…… through the trial and suff’ring – the runners carry on

Unique are they in spirit – a super echelon

They one by one escape him – to finish line and cheer

and in his lair the monster – will wait another year……………

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