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Whip it out for a quick massage

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Whip it out for a quick massage

By Rob Bathgate on 21st June 2022 Gear Reviews

Whip it out for a quick massage


I confess to feeling dubious when Hydragun offered me one of their handheld massage guns to try. The thought of holding a jiggling machine against my body seemed like an activity I should probably be hiding from my wife. And those different attachments it comes with, a bit suspicious looking eh? Just what did they expect me to do with the finger-shaped one? 

So I thought this would be a quick experiment. Until I tried it. I’m converted. I use it most nights. In the lounge. Watching TV.

You know that moment where you’re all showered and relaxed after a run and you realise there’s that one muscle begging for attention? (Calf muscle, just to be clear.) 

Massage gun to the rescue. 

It’s easier and more effective than a foam roller. I’m not sure what it is about the foam roller. I can talk a good roll but it hardly ever comes out from... wherever it is... 

The Hydragun though. I see now why elite athletes are happy to be photographed for the Hydragun website brandishing their Hydraguns. Having used it myself I realise a massage gun is no gimmick; it’s a legit addition to your recovery and maintenance toolkit.

Is a real sports massage better? Of course. Do I have a professional sports massage therapist waiting for me in my lounge every night? Nope. But I do have a Hydragun. 

Now, obviously, the reason I have a Hydragun is because the good people at Hydragun gave me one. And obviously, they want me to say nice things about it—which is what I’ve gone and done. So if you’re looking for an objective review, bear in mind that Hydragun currently represents exactly 100% of my experience with massage guns and I didn’t have to pay for it.

What I’d like you to consider is this: I was never interested in massage guns and now I wouldn’t be without one. 

Like anything, it’s important to shop around. If you go with the Hydragun, I’d suggest it won’t disappoint. It’s quiet as advertised, it seems really durable and it’s an utter pleasure to use. Just the thing to whip out for a quick pummel of a tight muscle in the living room.

Hydragun is offering Wild Things VIP members $25AUD discount for the Hydragun and $7AUD discount for the Thermosleeve (a nifty sleeve that saves you holding bags of peas against a sprained ankle).

Check out this, and all of the VIP discounts:

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