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Running with the Salomon Adv Skin 5

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Running with the Salomon Adv Skin 5

By Sophie on 26th October 2022 Gear Reviews

Running with the Salomon Adv Skin 5

Sophie was too busy running to take photos of her pack, so here's an epic mountain photo instead... 📷 Salomon & Alexis Bailliard

I don’t know about you but I want to put on my running pack, and then forget it’s there. And that’s exactly what this Salomon pack did, it was basically invisible. Had to do the ole body-grab-pat-down to make sure it was still there at one point, ha! I’ll also just add here for context that this is my first Salomon pack I’ve owned. Read on for its first outing.

I did a 13km trail run in the Port Hills for my first run in the pack. I did no prior adjusting, literally slung it on, clipped it up with these very snazzy elastic hooky things, and away I went.

I figured I’d get going and adjust along the way to stop any movement or jiggling. But before I knew it I was 10k in, and hadn’t even thought about it. I was just happily sipping away on my flasks without any thought for the pack.

Actually, I did have one thought, I thought ‘I need my sunnies’, a quick reach back to the top elasticated (not zipped) pocket, and bam they’re on my face already - no faffing - no excuses to walk.  

I’d heard through some trail running buddies that the Salomon packs were crazy comfortable but I didn’t realise just how comfy, and that’s probably down to how lightweight it is. Have I been converted? Yep, definitely yes.

They’ve gone super streamline with this pack and removed any unnecessary weight; with only one zip the rest of the compartments are just ideal size, with elasticated pockets for all the other essential stuff like your phone, sunglasses, snacks, and flasks. Considering its weight (or lack of I should say) and my minimal items it probably goes without saying that I didn’t have any sore shoulders (or rubs) the next day. 

I’m definitely more of a 10-30km distance trail runner and I’d say this is the perfect size in terms of capacity. I had my (small) first aid kit, a windproof jacket, and an OSM bar for this particular run and there was still room for the bladder if needed. And like most running packs the space just seems to expand the more you out in, so I could have more food or layers if I wanted.

It’s the type of gear that makes you want to run more, that's for sure. But I won’t be one of those who takes it out on the weekday pavement pound, so it’ll have to wait for the weekend where again it’ll be my [insert cheesy Salomon tagline plug] ‘time to play’.

Want some tips on what size to get? Let’s see if this helps you:

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