Getting started with the Trail and Peak Directory.

There are many ways to use and search the Trail and Peak Directory. View our guides and get exploring.

Rob Bathgate

Written by Rob Bathgate

Updated September 26

Quick Start

The best way to get a feel for how the trail and peak directory works is to follow along with the Getting Started video. This will walk you through the key features of the trail and peak directory.


Search and filtering:


- shows a number of ways to filter by region, and the handy 'include neighbouring regions' option.

Advanced location

- includes towns, geolocation and distance from a given address.

Trails or Peaks?

- adjust the trail directory to show just peaks, or just trails, or both.

Done, or not done?

- adjust the trail and peak directory to see trails or peaks you have completed, or not completed.

We will continue to expand and add to our guides, and please get in touch if there's something you want to know that we haven't yet covered.

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